Why Join Warner Farm CSA

Because we’re the best!

-First, joining our CSA is a great way to provide yourself and your family with all of the vegetables and berries you love so much!

-By purchasing a share at Warner Farm you are directly supporting the growing movement to endorse sustainable farming practices and healthy eating.

-The more members we have, the more exciting our CSA is!

-We want to hear from you on what kinds of food you want us to grow. Also what else you would like to source locally.

– Warner Farm has been a reliable source of fresh, local produce since the 18th century when the farm was started. Our wide diversity of crops and varieties assures that you will always receive the best tasting fruits and vegetables!

– We are constantly evaluating our growing practices. We are employing largely organic methods to supply our CSA and Farmers Markets. We practice reduced-tillage, zone-tillage, Integrated Pest Management, and some Certified Organic produce. This helps to offset the environmentally detrimental effects of industrial food production. It also helps keep carbon in the soil and all the best nutrients an flavor in your food!

Support Local

–  Young, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable staff manage our CSA. We provide stable jobs for local people during the growing months and off-season and invest in other local businesses.

– We are passionate about delivering you the highest quality, best value produce we can while eliminating costly links in the traditional distribution of food.

– We are part of the wider Pioneer Valley agricultural community. Which takes pride in providing a bounty of a wide range of crops every year to the state and region, assuring that you will always receive a fresh variety of items each week.

Have a Question?

Contact Us Online or Call 413-665-8331

Warner Farm
23 S. Main Street
Sunderland, MA 01375

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